City Services & Utilities

A City of Gilroy fire station is planned to be constructed near the proposed Town Center prior to completion of the project, in accordance with the Glen Loma Ranch Specific Plan, subject to approval by the City of Gilroy.

The City of Gilroy provides wastewater collection and South County Regional Wastewater Authority provides treatment to the City of Gilroy. The City of Gilroy Water Department will supply water to the Glen Loma Ranch site. Recycled water will be used for public parks, school landscaping, neighborhood focal points, preserved open space (where needed), and other common open space areas.

Electricity and gas services in the City of Gilroy are provided by Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E). Telephone service in the City of Gilroy is provided by Verizon. Cable television is provided by Charter Cable. Satellite television is provided by DirecTV.