Open Spaces

Glen Loma Ranch is a naturally beautiful place. Across the property, dense stands of oak woodlands are interwoven with small stands of coastal scrub, olive trees and fruit trees, as well as sycamores, black walnut, Madrone, Monterey Pine, Arizona cypress, and redwood trees. Oak riparian areas follow the natural drainage courses as they flow through Uvas Creek. All of these natural features (approximately 150 acres, or about 40% of the total property) have been preserved as permanent open space for Glen Loma Ranch residents and the community at large.

When completed, Glen Loma Ranch will feature pedestrian and bicycle-friendly trails, two community parks, and numerous neighborhood gathering places. The property also connects to the existing Uvas Creek Trail and neighboring Christmas Hill Park.

The extensive network of inter-connected trails allows easy access from one end of Glen Loma Ranch to the other, creating a pedestrian-friendly environment and reduced automobile traffic. The trails also build essential connections between the neighborhoods, local schools, parks, and the natural open spaces that make this such a special place to live.

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