Traffic Flow

Working closely with the City of Gilroy and planning experts, the Glen Loma Ranch team has carefully designed the traffic circulation plan to create a better balance between autos, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Glen Loma Ranch is served by three major roadways: Santa Teresa Boulevard, Luchessa Avenue, and Miller Avenue. In addition, as part of the Specific Plan, Tenth Street will be extended across Uvas Creek and through the Glen Loma Ranch property to Santa Teresa Boulevard. As the 17 neighborhoods of Glen Loma Ranch are built out, additional planned infrastructure and roadways will be completed, which will help to ease existing traffic around Solorsano Middle School and Las Animas Elementary School.

Inspired by input from the residents of neighboring communities, the project will also include beautifully distinct design features such as low-profile street lamps and tree-lined streets, as well as raised crosswalks, landscaped islands, and other traffic-calming measures. Roundabouts will be used as alternatives to signalized intersections; these promote a smoother traffic flow and prevent cars from idling at stoplights. There are also proposed transit stops incorporated within the site to allow for easy access from anywhere within the Ranch to the Town Center and beyond.

Note: Transit routing is subject to change by City of Gilroy policies.