For detailed specifications, see the Glen
Loma Ranch Specific Plan
, which was
developed through a series of community
outreach meetings and planning sessions.

Approved by the City of Gilroy in 2005, the
Specific Plan will serve as the guiding master
plan for development.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When will the neighborhoods at Glen Loma Ranch be built?
Construction of the first four neighborhoods has begun, and sales will be commencing in September 2016. The housing market will set the pace for the rest of the development. Although the actual schedule is dependent on a number of unpredictable variables, we estimate that the remaining neighborhoods should be completed around 2020.

How many total homes will be built?
The first phase of the project comprises of several hundred homes in four separate neighborhoods. Information on the various opportunities can be obtained at the direct neighborhood links here: Vista Bella, Zinfandel Lane, Ambrosia, and Mataro.

In all, Glen Loma Ranch is divided into 17 individual neighborhoods, and most neighborhoods average fewer than 100 homes. The approved Specific Plan allows for up to 1,693 total homes to be built at Glen Loma Ranch. However, the final number may be lower.

What will the home prices be?
Specific information on the first phase of the project can be obtained at the direct neighborhood links here: Vista Bella, Zinfandel Lane, Ambrosia, and Mataro.

What is the plan to accommodate increased traffic?
At full build-out of Glen Loma Ranch, the project will have paid an estimated $15 million in City traffic fees, to be used at the City’s discretion to address traffic improvements in the community. Traffic improvements associated with the initial phase include the new roundabout at Thomas Road and Luchessa Avenue, extension of Luchessa Avenue to existing Miller Avenue, a new roundabout at Santa Teresa Boulevard and Miller Avenue, and various additional improvements both on and off the Glen Loma Ranch site.

In response to community input, the owners of Glen Loma Ranch have accelerated the development of some roads and trails to help alleviate current traffic issues issues. Improvements installed through August of 2015 have served to dramatically improve existing traffic congestion at Las Animas Elementary School; road construction associated with future phases will positively impact traffic flow to and from Solorsano Middle School as well.

The Glen Loma Ranch team has carefully designed a traffic circulation plan to create a better balance between autos, pedestrians, and cyclists. As future phases build out, millions of dollars’ worth of additional planned infrastructure will be completed.

I understand that the project will include an affordable housing project. What type of housing will this be?
All new projects in Gilroy are required to provide approximately 15% of their production in the “affordable” category, pursuant to mandates of the State of California. Glen Loma’s affordable project will be built in the Town Center neighborhood and will provide rental housing affordable by local teachers, firefighters and police, among others. There will be no “Section 8” housing, however. The project will have professional, on-site management and construction will be governed by strict architectural controls of the City of Gilroy and the Glen Loma Ranch Specific Plan.

What is the plan for preserving open spaces and protecting the environment?
Glen Loma Ranch is a naturally beautiful place, and the preservation of open spaces is a fundamental principle of this development project. About 150 acres, or roughly 40% of the total property, has been preserved as permanent open space for the enjoyment of Glen Loma Ranch residents and the community at large.

The development team has had a biologist on retainer since 2000; this consultant’s mission is to provide guidance throughout the planning process to minimize impacts on the natural environment within the Ranch.

Over the years, the biologist has conducted numerous surveys of various plant, animal, and reptile communities to verify that there are no endangered or threatened species that will be impacted by the project.

Following the biologist’s guidance, the Glen Loma Ranch will preserve virtually all of the natural canyons, watercourses, and wildlife corridors within the property.

Furthermore, the project will contribute approximately $4.5 million to the Santa Clara Valley Habitat Conservation Plan. This contribution, together with other funds, will be used to acquire appropriate open space for species conservation.

Finally, the project will incorporate facilities so that reclaimed water can be used to irrigate all roadside landscaping areas, and potentially the city parks as well.

I’m a neighbor concerned about construction traffic and dust from heavy equipment. What is being done to minimize these problems?
The Glen Loma Ranch Team will work with the City of Gilroy to route construction traffic to and from the project with the goal of minimizing disruption to existing neighborhoods.

The City also has detailed regulations regarding construction hours, dust abatement, and other construction-related issues. There will be contact information posted on the site in the event you wish to report any nuisances.

How will the project impact the local school system?
The Glen Loma Ranch team has been in constant contact with the Gilroy Unified School District over the years, and we have been assured that the District is prepared to accept the new students from our project. For further information, please contact Alvaro Meza, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services, Gilroy Unified School District, at 408 848-7126.

At full development, Glen Loma ranch will have contributed an estimated $13,544,000 in school impact fees, based on the currently established fee schedule.

In addition to this sum, Glen Loma Ranch dedicated a parcel of land on which was constructed the multipurpose building at Solorsano Middle School; the value of that contribution was estimated at $700,000.

What schools will the children of Glen Loma attend?
According to the Gilroy Unified School District, Glen Loma Ranch will be served by two neighborhood schools already in operation within the project. Las Animas Elementary School is a Title I Academic Achievement K-5 School and a California Distinguished School, offering a popular Dual Immersion program. Ascencion Solorsano Middle School (grades 6-8) was a recipient of the California Distinguished School Award in 2007 and 2013. ASMS is also a Title I Academic Achievement School.

High school students will attend nearby Gilroy High School, another California Distinguished School Award winner. Gilroy High offers almost 30 Honors and Advanced Placement Courses, is home to the Spanish Dual Immersion Language Program, The Biomedical Science Academy, Sports Medicine Program, Culinary Arts Academy, Auto, Woodshop and many more outstanding programs.

School assignments can change at any time, however, and for further information, please contact Alvaro Meza, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services, Gilroy Unified School District, at 408 848-7126.

Will the project provide any new recreational facilities for the community?
At full buildout, Glen Loma Ranch will have paid over $30 million in Public Facilities Impact fees, which go in part to fund city park and recreational facilities. In addition to the payment of these fees, the Glen Loma Ranch will construct and dedicate to the City the following improvements:

  1. The project will provide land for and construct two new city parks within Glen Loma Ranch for public use. The estimated value of the land and park improvements is nearly $10 million dollars. The first of these public parks, Cydney Casper park, is already under construction as of August, 2015.
  2. Also, each neighborhood within the project will feature a small focal point or community gathering space.
  3. The project will provide land for, construct, and maintain nearly six miles of trails for the use of residents and the general public. The cost of this trail system is expected to exceed $9.5 million, not including the value of the land dedicated to the trails.

How is the project addressing public safety concerns?
As part of the Specific Plan, Glen Loma Ranch is required to build and dedicate a fire station prior to issuance of the project’s 1000th building permit; the estimated value of the land plus fire station facility will exceed $4.4 million. The City of Gilroy and Glen Loma are already in the process of selecting an architect and other consultants for the construction of the fire station.

To enhance security and safety in the Uvas Creek corridor and the many areas of preserved open space on Glen Loma Ranch, the project has also funded a new dirt bike unit of the Gilroy Police Department.

What about the development’s impacts on Utilities?
In addition to paying for the construction of all new on-site and off-site improvements required to serve the project, Glen Loma Ranch will pay an estimated $20 million in utility impact fees over its development lifetime to mitigate the impact on existing water, sanitary sewer, and storm drain facilities.

What will happen to the Gilroy Garlic Festival parking areas?
The owners of Glen Loma Ranch are proud supporters of the Gilroy Garlic Festival and have allowed the use of Ranch property for visitor parking lots for more than 30 years. However, once construction of the first four neighborhoods begins at Glen Loma Ranch in 2014, the parcels surrounding Las Animas School will no longer be available for Festival parking.

The Gilroy Garlic Festival Association has known of this planned development since 1979 and has made plans for alternative parking arrangements that will likely involve other nearby sites and shuttle buses. Until the Glen Loma Ranch project is completed, some of the property may continue to be used for Festival parking.

Has this project been thoroughly studied?
In 1999, the Gilroy City Council directed the owners of the Glen Loma Ranch to begin comprehensive study and development of a master plan for a proposed residential community. As a first step, the project team conducted a series of informal meetings at which Gilroy residents were given an opportunity to express their desires and concerns regarding the proposed project. In addition, the team established the Glen Loma Ranch Liaison Committee, which included representatives of the City Council, Planning Commission, Gilroy Unified School District, and representatives of environmental interests to provide input to the planning process.

The resulting plan draft was in the development stages for several years, then subjected to rigorous environmental analysis, review by state and federal agencies, and formal public hearings. Finally, in December 2005, the Gilroy City Council certified the Environmental Impact Report and approved the Glen Loma Ranch Specific Plan.

Where can I view Gilroy city planning documents and the Glen Loma Ranch Plan?
Some of the relevant documents can be found here:

    Glen Loma Ranch Specific Plan
    Glen Loma Ranch Site Plan
    Gilroy General Plan
    New Gilroy General Plan, in process
    Gilroy Parks and Recreation System Master Plan
    Gilroy Trails Master Plan

Whom do I contact for more information?
Please contact us if you have any questions or require additional information about Glen Loma Ranch. You can also sign up for our mailing list below to get updated news about the development.

For questions about individual neighborhoods, please contact the direct neighborhoods here: Vista Bella, Zinfandel Lane, Ambrosia, and Mataro.