Home Owners Association

The Glen Loma Ranch includes a variety of public and open space elements that will be maintained and managed by the Glen Loma Ranch Master Home Owners Association (HOA). The Master HOA will be empowered to manage all common areas outlined in the Specific Plan, including all 17 residential neighborhoods as well as the Town Center. The Master HOA is also responsible for enforcing any covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) that apply to the property. Payment of dues and participation in the Master HOA is mandatory.

The elements to be owned and/or maintained by the Glen Loma Ranch Master HOA will include all common landscaping, neighborhood focal points, and preserved open space areas.

Individual Neighborhood HOAs
There may be a need to have several individual or "sub-associations" created for some Neighborhoods that create features that are intended for and used solely by an individual Neighborhood. The Master HOA will remain in place, and the individual or sub-HOA will only address these additional elements. Some examples of elements that may require the formation of an individual HOA are:

    -   Private streets within a Neighborhood
    -   Recreational features like swimming pools, tennis courts, or tot lots
    -   Trail segments internal to an individual Neighborhood
    -   Special or unique fencing, landscaping and/or monumentation

Covenants, Conventions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) are important documents that list the rules that govern your community and neighborhoods. These documents are currently under development and will be made available on this website upon completion and approval by the California Department of Real Estate.